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The big day is here. Tingeling wanders restlessly around to find a comfortable position.

The first puppy is born Tuesday February 6 1:55 p.m.

At birth, she weighs 219 grams

As Tingeling is a first-time mother, it is interesting to see if the instincts are present, and if she organizes everything herself.

The fetal membrane is removed and the umbilical cord is cut.

That was no big deal

The puppy instinctively goes to the tits for the first and important colostrum
She frantically licks the puppy, while another one is on the way
It can not be clean enough
The next one is on the way 2:59 p.m. The mother is very concentrated. Meanwhile, there is no problem to have the first puppy in the box
She is pushing...
and pushing
Gravity is nice
Good girl!
After working well, I give her a hand in the final round
The male dog weighs 220 grams
In relation to Tingeling's weight, the puppies are as big as a human baby at birth
They are born black and with red markings, and could look like any breed in the first weeks
As a puppy crate, we use a regular plastic dog crate. This is split down the middle making it open at top and in front
The bottom is covered with newspapers, then towels. If needed, both are changed during the birth

It is for the best to let Tingeling arrange everything herself.

A stressed owner is likely to disturb the dog's concentration

Tingeling is now more calm, the third puppy makes it out with no problem
Still with half the membrane intact, the puppy is on its way out
It is 4:05 p.m. and it is another girl. 220 grams
Now they are three

Number four is out.

4:31 p.m., yet a girl. 290 grams

Tingeling is tired
All the puppies nurse within a few minutes
One day old
All puppies are checked daily to see if they are all eating, and that everything is as it should

Four days old.

The puppies eat several times per hour, weighing 245-295 grams

Six days old.

All eating well

The mother is shaved on the stomach to prevent build-up of milk residues and bacteria
At one week of age, they weigh 380 grams, 360 grams, 396 grams, and 340 grams
The puppies eat once an hour, and Tingeling stays with them almost all the time
Female puppy up for inspection

Tingeling keeps her puppy like toy with the other puppies.

A small latex pig she brings with her when she has to pee. Afterwards, it is placed with other puppies again

Fully synthetic heat sheets now works as sleeping pads.

These pads are washable at 60 degrees, and is perfect for puppy crates.

The pads are available in many colors

Eleven days old.

Shiny and nice

Has the latex pig shrunk?
Thirteen days old, weighing 499 grams, 510 grams, 543 grams, and 447 grams
Now the puppies eats while Tingeling sits, making it easier
The puppies are sleeping almost all the time
Two weeks old, they open their eyes
They still can not see much, due to a gray membrane on their eyes
Now we are cute, right?
Two and a half weeks old
Now they are moving more
The puppies takes their first steps... mostly backwards. In terms of human development, one week is a month for the first two months of the puppy's life. Then, one month is one year. A three week old puppy is like a three month old human baby, a eight month old puppy is like a eight year old human
Dali's Hypn├┤se, six weeks old. Owner: Anita Barbro Stensheim
Dali's Romance, almost eight weeks old, will remain with us for a while