About us

How it all started

Hi, my name is Ine Meidell and I am the owner of Kennel Dali. I was born June 12, 1967 in Oslo. I moved to Trondheim when I was five years old, where I still live today.

We live very rural, with Byneset golf course as the nearest neighbor. With a 28-hole course at the garden gate, it is never lonely, but luckily golfers are quiet and peaceful.

Golf course seen from the house

During the winter and spring/autumn, the dogs have thousands acres of golf course available to run on; during the summer, a 2,5 acres of garden.

I have a daughter named June, who was born in 1993. June, which is almost as interested in dogs as her mother, started with "children and dogs" competitions when she was three years old. Today she has the full responsibility for two dogs: Rock Me Baby (Troja) and the Whippet Papermoons Paris Hilton (Hannah).

June and I travel a lot, both domestic and international, attending dog shows. This is a great way to spend time together among daily activities such as friends, school, football and handball activities.

June with Macy (Denmark, 2006)

June and Babe out picking cloudberries on Samsj√łen

And then there is Lars, my boyfriend, who is the world's most patient person. He is not particularly interested in dogs (or other animals, for that matter), but he always accepts when I bring home something "new". He is very interested in hunting, especially grouse. With Bob as pack dog in the mountains, he finds peace of mind whenever needed.

Lars and Babe

We have spent a lot of time restoring our house on Byneset. The broker said so well: it is a house from the fifties with "good potential". Now the house looks quite good and we really enjoy living here.

The house with "good potential"

The house in 2006

In my "spear time", I run a dog supplies store, Hund som Hobby Drive In (established in 1990), and a pet shop, ZOObutikk 1. Both located in Trondheim.

Why Dali?

Kennel Dali is named after my first show dog, the Rottweiler Oscar Berg Dali, who died after cesarian two years old.


After Dali died, I decided to never have another litter. Thus my first Silky terrier was a male. Telarito's Taigon (Emil), from kennel Telarito, was born July 1, 1989. The kennel had one puppy left, due to a order cancellation, and I became the happy owner of a charm troll. Emil is the father of all kennel Dali's first litters. He died in 2003, almost 15 years old.


Why a Silky terrier?

After Dali died, I would not have another Rottweiler. I still had Oscar Berg Bram, her half-brother. I got Oscar Berg Bram as a shelter dog, when he was two years old. I thought I would never get such a "perfect" dog as Dali again. I would always compare a new puppy with her, and decided to try another breed. Reading a book, I saw a image of a Silky terrier in full gallop on a grass field. The image text said: the Silky terrier is in its element when chasing freely with the smooth silky hair in great disorder... This was my breed!

So, after some years, I had another female dog anyway... MariMia's Miss Marple (Miss). She was born at Marianne Blomqvist's, kennel MariMia, March 29, 1992. Miss was a great stud dog, and the ancestor of almost all of kennel Dali's dogs. She passed away in 2005, 14 years old.



Today, kennel Dali holds several breeds, Bloodhound and Whippet, but the Silky terrier is still my number one.

Hope you find pleasure in reading about, and looking at, our dogs. If anyone wants a puppy, just contact me.

Regards Ine

Anything is possible on Byneset; chickens, cats and dogs together